Analog Design Technical Leader 



Analog Designer with background in chip design from analog system specification to silicon verification 

In this position the technical lead will support the group manager on the following subjects:

  • Analog design lead experience.

  • Specification of block and chip level

  • Technical lead of a chip or block project

  • Environment and tools know how

  • Tools familiarity (virtuoso , DRC, LVS , parasitic extraction)

  • Package design experience

  • Process and manufacturing know how

  • Lab work experience


BSEE is mandatory, MSEE/PhD - advantage.

Minimum 5 years hands on experience in analog design.

Minimum 2 years’ experience in leading analog design team.

Solid understanding of silicon design flow (design , verification, DRC, LVS , PEX and silicon validation).

Solid understanding of transistor device characteristics.

Solid understanding of power, area and performance trade-off in mixed-signal designs.

Design experience with Analog Front End, op-amp, switch-cap filter, continuous time filter, reference/bias generation.

LDO, Data conversion ADC and DAC subsystem, High speed I/O design, etc.


Experience with advanced CMOS processes (45nm and below)

Solid understanding of packages and PCB modeling.

Solid understanding of test procedures, ESD , LU.

Solid understanding of high voltage design.

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