As a company specializing in R&D of ASIC and HW solutions, we offer a broad range of services.

At Inomize we tailor all our services to meet client needs, expectations, and demand for excellence. 


Just to name a few...

elbit  inomize
samsung  inomize
sigma designs  inomize
nano-retina  inomize
broadcom  inomize
qualcomm  inomize
Arad Inomize
ceragon inomize
texas instruments inomize
comverse  inomize
inuitive  inomize
intel  inomize
mobix  inomize
elisra  inomize
U-tx  inomize
Marvell Inomize
vocalzoom Inomize
vocalzoom Inomize
novocure inomize
onsemi inomize
nuvoton inomize